Raindrops hang from the boughs they sit on the grass twinkling like Christmas lights The dry spell is over Earth celebrates the bequest Fall received from Summer – Roses will yield parting flowers Leaves will burst in wild colors before the Wind hums its plaintive tune that will lull its world to blessed slumber. DailyContinue reading “SUMMER’S GIFT”


Do we even see the same person? You see someone beautiful I see one beyond her prime (who kind of looks like a crone). You get mad that I disagree How can you belie those many eyes who have judged her face her person to be less than perfect? She carried the sting of manyContinue reading “YOUR EYES”

LEAF ON A GRAVESTONE (52 Weeks Photo Challenge)

“But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal. For where thy treasure is, there is thy heart also.” ~ Mt. 6: 20-21 My hands only holds so much The rest fall through the cracks Lost to time, memory,Continue reading “LEAF ON A GRAVESTONE (52 Weeks Photo Challenge)”


The clouds paint a story The trees whisper secrets I ponder What do they say? In solitude I keep silent So I can listen. ~~~~ I’ve been enjoying taking pictures with my (Honor) phone lately.  This is one of them.  I’ve been posting most of them in Instagram. Do drop by when you have aContinue reading “SOLITUDE”


  One of the buildings that made an impression on me when my family and I visited Albany, NY was the Department of Education Building.  It was a long, relatively low building that appeared to be help up high by a long row of the most ornate of Greek columns, the Corinthian Column. Below isContinue reading “CORINTHIAN COLUMNS (WPC: ORNATE)”


For this challenge, I am sharing some photos of students in between classes. The pictures were taken in December. I was getting winter tired by then and did not have the spunk to post photos that had to do with snow. Considering that the temperatures hereabouts are already starting to sizzle, I thought that theContinue reading “UNDER THE FALLING SNOW (for WPC: Off Season)”


  The thread is familiar.   I know how No. 20 Crochet Thread, the one by Aunt Lydia,  feels like.  I know, too, how it would feel and look like when worked by a Size 10 crochet needle.  I’ve been working on this project, a filet table cloth with peacock motif, on and off for aboutContinue reading “MY CROCHET PROJECT (for WPC: Texture)”

CIRCLES AND CURVES (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

There was a light rain yesterday. Petals and leaves were heavy with raindrops. Here are some of the photos I took – I think they meet the circles and curves challenge posed by Cee. 🙂       This last picture can be a bit jarring after all the pinks.  This picture is of anContinue reading “CIRCLES AND CURVES (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)”


Other people’s junk is my treasure I rescue old teapots for a few dollars give the old memories a new coat extend their life in my cupboard perhaps they will  reach a distant future riddled with robots and machines and they will tell of a life gone by when humans were humans when they wereContinue reading “WPC: RELIC”