Winter breeds black roses in a soul stripped of warmth. Darkness broods in isolation begrudging the probing light. Tar flows in sullen veins fills in the spaces wounds had carved. Hands grasp at brittle sunbeams that cold had made sharp. Flowers fall into the ground marking the spot where hope once stood. Stars blink outContinue reading “WINTER”


  The quiet of butterfly wings as they glide in the air speaks of grace that need no herald nor fanfare, and ever brings mindful hearts wonder. Written for DVerse Poets’ Meeting the Bar Prompt – Brevity.  Frank wants folks to write a five-line or shorter poem.   I chose to write a modified tanka  withContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”


Sail away, little paper boat to the world of possibilities where existence beholds its dreams. Bring back tidings of what you see. For little feet which can’t yet go far Sail away, little paper boat Let the winds of wide-eyed wonder and innocence keep your sails afloat Puddles glisten on sodden ground beg children launchContinue reading “PAPER BOAT”


“Each man is a half-open door leading to a room for everyone.” ~ from Half-Finished Heaven by Tomas Transtromer   To each is given an immortal soul What is man to deserve such grace? He is blessed beyond measure even if he is at a loss with his gift. He considers his world with half-openContinue reading “CONTEMPLATION”


  Doors lead to doors I only enter with trepidation what’s in store behind the door Hope is my pray’r. I am not a seer I could not count all the costs but I am fairly sure choices have consequences some come soon others later. I am afraid to open a door yet, even ifContinue reading “DOORS”

WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)

Words, once set free, blend in the wind breathing a timeless existence; Some grow wings to fly to heaven They ask gifts for the gentle tongue Breathing a timeless existence, words illuminate our soul Memories do falter in time consequences of words live on.   ************************ When I was thinking of a challenge to postContinue reading “WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)”


  She smiled at me when the world was bearing me down she smiled at me when my soul was dark and weary. I was a stranger with the frown. Though I was not a joy to see she smiled at me. ~~~~ This is my story from a long time ago. The little girl,Continue reading “TO THE LITTLE GIRL WHO SMILED AT ME”


Outside my window there are the same roads there are the same people walking their dogs There’s old Mr. Magazoo taking his morning walk and stopping by our neighbor’s for some small talk There are the old houses with bolted doors standing on our street like abandoned forts lurking unnoticed by cars zipping by fasterContinue reading “ON THE STREET WHERE WE LIVE”

IF ONLY (WPC: Solitude)

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.” ~ C.S. Lewis Somewhere in the day, between duties and daydreams Solitude awaits to dispense her blessings – a book of introduction to people I would never have known, words in a jumble wishingContinue reading “IF ONLY (WPC: Solitude)”