ExisTENce (for DVerse)

Here are my ten-word poems for DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar: one, two, three…tenWord prompt. I. To a soaring eagle things down below are but dots. II. How man expends his life for glories erased by time. III. The present is dying the world has aborted her future. IV. Subject to none, but by his egoContinue reading “ExisTENce (for DVerse)”


Ah! Bountiful garden you left me no room for idle wondering. When we came home from our two-week vacation last Wednesday, we were greeted with ripening tomatoes and peppers. The weather had been good during our absence. Rain came once a week. Immediately, I harvested the ripe fruits. That same afternoon, overcome by excitement, IContinue reading “GENEROUS GARDEN”


I. Dust settled on him, seed under the ground. II. Leaf peeled off the branch, wings spread and took flight. III. Clouds gather up a storm cleansing rain falls. IV. Birdsongs make the air paradise- like. ~~~~ Tilus Poetry, the featured form in tonight’s edition of DVERSE, is a micro poetry form  originated by theContinue reading “TILUS POETRY (for DVERSE)”


He drinks deeply of love – sating his hunger feeding a future, uncertain what tricks could time  play? So, he drinks deeply until he and his beloved are one against time. ~~~ The fall leaf held fast through loneliness, wind, and snow to have one last spring. ~~~~ For this week’s DVERSE Poetics, Shanyn wantsContinue reading “SHORT POEMS FOR DVERSE”