Tucked in the woods, by an abandoned rural road, a little old cemetery lies.  About fifty weathered gravestones rise from the wildflower and grass-covered ground.  Nobody visits the place.  After all, the most recent gravestone was placed in the early 1900’s. However, when Memorial Day comes, new flags fly in the graveyard, specifically by theContinue reading “MEMORIAL”


On Memorial Day, we walked the mile or so to the Green to watch the Memorial Day Parade.  We thought that that would give our children a sense of community and history.  We  wanted the school aged boys to experience what they read in their Social Studies lessons. For the “V” Challenge, I wish toContinue reading ““V” for VETERANS”


A seed does not grow until it falls to the ground Upon your sacrifice this generation stands. With your blood and valor freedom was bought that each man, woman and child will live as they ought. With joy and dignity as our Creator meant may our lives be worthy of the lives you’ve spent. TheContinue reading “TO THE FALLEN”