The old path offers nothing new. I have been in this place several times before. Still,  I have to be careful – between the network of exposed tree roots, the steep terrain, and the narrowness of the path – I could not afford to not pay attention. I am here to walk and to spendContinue reading “ORDINARY MIRACLES”


I leave you my footsteps quietly resting on the pine needles carpeting your floor Conceal them in the cracks of the earth from where your trees and flowers grow for me to retrieve upon my return I leave you my shadows hiding behind the trees among the leaves unfurling, greening in the ever warming sunContinue reading “A CONVERSATION WITH THE WOODS”

THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)

The lovers floated in the clouds oblivious of the breeze that could make mallards shiver or of the slanting sun that made the leaves burn yellow and crimson. They were wrapped in a cocoon of each other’s arms making the public pond their own. For: DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #18: Cloud We spent a good partContinue reading “THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)”


Away from the monitors of television and computers, a child discovers the joys of interacting with nature. Here, my son (and the other children with him) enjoyed the ducks and the ducklings swimming in the lake. He had a lot of fun feeding the ducks chips from his snack bag while he himself had someContinue reading “FUN AT THE LAKE (WPC: Fun)”


There, far yonder across the seas where ocean and land embrace where verdant hills dress in white when its world is plunged to long nights where mighty oaks and maples grow color the earth with gold and fire send wings soaring across the skies before the long sleep takes over where daffodils dance in theContinue reading “WHERE FREEDOM RANG”