ENVY I see friends posing by the Eiffel Tower or admiring the ruins of Angkor Wat when their heels aren’t pounding the halls of pow’r. They meet for coffee, enjoy their chit-chat spend some time shopping for designer clothes when they are not writing their legal drafts. I could have been like them. Oh, myContinue reading “POETICS: IT’S TEMPTING”


Man and woman talk to each other not comprehending a word that’s said. She wants him to understand her. He marvels at her stubborn head. Not comprehending a word that’s said they contemplate the other with distrust. He marvels at her stubborn head how fascinating it was in the past. They contemplate the other withContinue reading “MAN AND WOMAN”


I wrote this post following a prompt from Studio30+ which was about, you guessed it, Ugly Sweatpants. 🙂 Studio30+ is a community of writers which I stumbled when I read Jester Queen’s post, ‘Show, Don’t Tell’.   To make a story short, I signed up with Studio30+ and found Jester Queen’s post to be very helpful.  I hadContinue reading “THE AMAZING UGLY SWEATPANTS”


Cook. Wash Dishes. Wash clothes. Fold clothes. Change diapers. Repeat. Sometimes, it feels like those are all the things she does. How inconsequential. How routine. She will look at herself, her unglamorous self, feel inadequate and descend into a blue funk. Through the blue prism, she sees her friends wearing clothes with names wondering whichContinue reading “BLUE FUNK”