TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)

This is my favorite ride in Fun Town Splash Town Park in Saco, ME. No, I do not ride, but I like its aesthetics best. I think the idea of people being served inside the cups, this time, is quite amusing. Inside, they experience an actual tempest in a teapot. It was for me theContinue reading “TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)”


White Bluets in bloom sprinkling of stars on the grass compels one to kneel.   Delicate blossoms standing as one in the wild cannot be ignored. Take care where you step fairies feast in the castles right under your feet. The long winter delayed spring in Maine.  The spring flowers are just starting to bloomContinue reading “RHAPSODY IN BLUE(TS)”


This spider-web-inspired gate is a very famous one  in Bangor, ME.  Behind this  lives a very famous author and his family. He is quite famous that his house has become a sort of a tourist attraction. On a rainy day in June of last year, I was finally able to visit this place. While IContinue reading “WPC: THRESHOLD”


This is what I think art is and what I demand of it: that it pull everyone in, that it show one person another’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, that it throw open the window of the soul. ~ Felix Mendelssohn Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be ableContinue reading “WPC: WINDOWS”


There’s not quite the beauty as beautiful as the remains of an ice storm that had boughs thick with crystals showing off starlights winking at the sun. What miracle turns this grey and bitter cold into an exquisite consolation only the Creator knows. Soon the vision will fade revealing once more plain old world, bare,Continue reading “AFTER THE STORM”


On Saturday, we visited Acadia National Park. I did not know what to expect to see. All I knew was that it was by the shore and I’d b seeing some Atlantic waters. My husband warned me about two things: the shoreline was rocky; and, the current was very strong. I guess his warnings didContinue reading “BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: UPWARDS”


It had ben raining for days.  On Saturday, the day when I took this photo, there was a huge downpour which dampened that Black FLy Festival that was scheduled in Milo that day.  As an aside, I don’t know why they celebrate black flies.  Those spring bugs are nasty.  They  descend on their victim likeContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: PEACEFUL”


I am blogging from the beautiful State of Maine where spring is fully sprung, where a thick cover of new green trees – along with some safety reminders line the roadsides and greet travelers. After awhile, the signs can get boring, but not this one along Route 1 in Yarmouth. He looks a little irkedContinue reading “SIGNS AND SWALLOWTAILS”


Just when I thought that spring was around the bend, a heavy wet snow fall visited us on Thursday through Friday. Around Friday afternoon, when we began our spring break trip to Maine, fog and snowy roads greeted us. The interstate looked like a sorry mess early in the afternoon. Nobody expected the storm toContinue reading “MAINE MELTS”


Maine is second home to me.  My family and I spend all of our holidays and a significant time in summer and spring here.   Over the years that I have been visiting this state, I have become quite familiar with certain landmarks that I see during our trips. With this post, let me walk youContinue reading “AROUND MAINE”