Man and woman talk to each other not comprehending a word that’s said. She wants him to understand her. He marvels at her stubborn head. Not comprehending a word that’s said they contemplate the other with distrust. He marvels at her stubborn head how fascinating it was in the past. They contemplate the other withContinue reading “MAN AND WOMAN”


For this photo challenge, I  re-posted this photo which already appeared in color  here.   I thought that among the pictures I took, this photo represents the best of love, romantic love, that is.  Only my husband and I at our cheesiest can perhaps give this shot a run for its money. 😉  However, IContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: LOVE”

POETICS: Foreign Tongues

ASA Siya na lang ang wala Kahit saan siya tumingin namamasdan niya mga magkasintahan, magkahawak kamay magkasama, magkayakap magdamag. Bakit walang dumarating para sa kanya hindi naman siya pangit hindi rin naman siya boba Bakit nga ba sa mga tipunan siya ang laging lisan – Walang kapareha? Basta! Maari nang hindi guwapo o mayaman oContinue reading “POETICS: Foreign Tongues”


When the dust settles, you will see I am not the monster you painted me to be. When you cast me on the side of wrong “The Enemy!” had been your battlesong Your lyrics slandered my name Your voice throbbed with anger and disdain. When the dust settles, you will see this face you markedContinue reading “WHEN THE DUST SETTLES”


Rabbit wanted to be real. “You’ve to be really loved. It can hurt.” Horse advised. The little boy played with Rabbit until Rabbit’s threads frayed. But Rabbit was happy. He became real. ~The End~ _______________________ Trifextra: Week Twenty-Two  has a rather difficult challenge – retell a favorite book in 33 words. The challenge is difficult onContinue reading “THE VELVETEEN RABBIT – in 33 words”


Trifextra: Week Nineteen challenged us to complete the phrase “It wasn’t the first time” in 33 words excluding the prompt words.  Here are my two responses.  Thank you for dropping by and reading. 🙂 ——————————— LITTLE BOSS “It wasn’t the first time he said  ‘I’m the boss’.” Daddy observed. “That’s cute.” Mommy giggled. “I’m worried.”Continue reading “2 FOR TRIFECTA”