I looked over her shoulder to see the note I delivered upon the request of our mutual friend I was restless with anticipation – our friend would surely break the news that love found me at last  that weekend I visited home. There was no excitement in my friend’s smile. Instead she pulled away andContinue reading “THE MESSAGE”


There might have been other swans in the pond from the outside, each one looks like the others webbed feet, yellow beak, and white feathers it’s a wonder how a swan finds the one it will bind itself to for all its life some inner grace or beauty that’s known to anyone calls one toContinue reading “DAILY POST: LOVE”


He loves deeply, that’s all that you should know even when his love hides in the shadow of fear that tenderness would make him weak to those he loves, he could never seem meek His strong arm  contains his emotion’s flow. His counsels are gold but they do not glow within rebukes given with furrowedContinue reading “HE LOVES DEEPLY”


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” that was what she thought So she packed her bags, left her home to find the love she sought. By letters, she told him of her love as he did the same Then one day, another mail arrived it besmirched her name Jealousy swallowed his broken heart reason, heContinue reading “A LOVE STORY”


The musky moon melted into the clouds envious of the lovers’ lips and liberties entwined as passion punctuated the passing night they threaded time in their fevered hands. Freely did they let freedom fly to find its home – hearts that have and hold, and hope in love lasting longer than their lives allowed. ~~~~~Continue reading “ENTWINED”

FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)

HOPE Your voice in the wind tinkling like mandolin strings echo in my moonlit dreams. My arms are empty the oceans stand between us we’re together in our dreams. ~~~~ Thanks dVerse and Sam for the something to focus on. 🙂  The past few days found me engrossed about things that I needed to accomplishContinue reading “FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)”