FALLING IN LOVE (for DVerse Poets)

I know my world Here, I am safe But your eyes your eyes twinkled with stars I have never seen and poured out a blue my skies never had. I am entranced and pulled into that place that all too soon mine seem so plain. So I dare I dare to hold your hand andContinue reading “FALLING IN LOVE (for DVerse Poets)”


LOST (for Poetry Jam)

There was a father he loved his children he worked day and night to make their future certain They needed to have wealth so he believed that they would not suffer the poverty of his own childhood. His children asked for toys and treats “there’s no money,” he always complained, “for rainy days, they haveContinue reading “LOST (for Poetry Jam)”


    Since I anointed my Lord with nard from the alabaster jar I had been subject to ridicule from the apostles, of all people. How dare I waste such perfume to wash their own Master’s feet when it could have been sold for the poor’s benefit! But, could anything be too precious for Jesus,Continue reading “WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER JAR”


He drinks deeply of love – sating his hunger feeding a future, uncertain what tricks could time  play? So, he drinks deeply until he and his beloved are one against time. ~~~ The fall leaf held fast through loneliness, wind, and snow to have one last spring. ~~~~ For this week’s DVERSE Poetics, Shanyn wantsContinue reading “SHORT POEMS FOR DVERSE”


Her bony hands caressed her husband’s face staring from a dog-eared photograph. Her wistful smile broke through wrinkled cheeks at her remembered love. She shut her eyes, sealed the memories escaping from her mind. There, she’d visit her beloved once in every while while awaiting that sleep that would make her and her dreams one.Continue reading “99”


The overcast skies drive autumn away too soon I’ll hitch on its tail that I can leap towards spring where warmth never fades Don’t chase after warmth. It will come to you. Seasons change. Be as you are. Even the coldest winter will thaw in your heart’s summer.   ~~~ The short holiday break stoleContinue reading “STAY”


Love is not for the faint of heart not for one scared to be a part of existence beyond one’s own self ruling as kings on their throne Lovers ought to know from the start love is not for the faint of heart not for the one afraid of pain and so shields his heartContinue reading “LOVE IS NOT”