A hummingbird suspended in the air a baby cardinal learning to fly a robin eggshell lying on the ground a pair of bluejays taking to the sky a flock of sparrows tearing from their bush brightened my quiet uneventful days then there are the roses that bloomed anew filling October with their fragrant bouquet JustContinue reading “AUTUMN’S GIFT”


Just because I love teapots, I had to find out what Googlism has to say about them… 🙂 Porcelain teapot is …. Porcelain teapot is made from porcelain Porcelain teapot is enhanced by hand Porcelain teapot is handcrafted by artisans in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in Thailand porcelain teapot is entirely relief moldedContinue reading “THE PORCELAIN TEAPOT”