A rose in November bloomed through wind and frost and chill blush of life from earth doomed to fading into winter’s spell. Velvet petals embraced the dawn. A rose in November bloomed dancing on its cane of thorns blessing the air with its perfume- wrapped promise that life entombed will conquer darkness in its wake.Continue reading “NOVEMBER’S ROSE”


Life falls one by one like leaves in autumn called to the ground that they may return in spring eternal. All Hallows’ Eve to all. 🙂 It is a special and holy weekend for us here as we celebrate All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.  For us, it is a time for prayer forContinue reading “REMEMBRANCE”


For this photo challenge, I am sharing what are apparently very different photos. Not only are they taken during different seasons, but they were also in different settings. The first picture reminds of that time a long time ago, when I was a third grader sitting on a chair by the window. I often foundContinue reading “WPC: HORIZON”


Nothing happens around here no shooting stars ever come by to light up our lives with the glitter of tinseltown We have seasons that come like clockwork Leaves, they fall one by one cannot wait for the rest to turn and make a big fiery show for this season called autumn Snow, it is asContinue reading “RHYTHM”


Would that it’s always autumn tomorrows and yesterdays are all today there’ll be no worry about getting old or the children going away The breeze will ever be fair and the boughs laden with fruits the hearth is warm with laughter while chasing our earthly pursuits. But… will the the flowers grow when there’s noContinue reading “WISH”


The first aster of the season has bloomed not without a little skip in my heartbeat as it did the first time that gray streaked my dark head. Here comes Fall and soon winter’s rest. Has not summer just begun? Youth is for ever until mortality’s shadow appears. One by one, the petals fall colorsContinue reading “SHADOWS”


Sometimes, morning comes shrouded with mist of a million dew drops falling heavy upon the wings that only wish to fly. . Then there are those mornings when the sun shines golden bathing the world in jewel tones spraying stars on the ground to greet the unhurried steps. Who’s to say what a new dayContinue reading “PASSING THROUGH”


Caterpillar prowls the fruit laden blueberries a destructive threat to dreams of cobblers and pies Should I kill the butterfly? ~~~~ Linking with DAILY PROMPT:  ORIGIN STORY/BEGINNINGS and WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE:  FORESHADOW.   Happy Friday to you all and thank you for coming by. 🙂


Gone is the beauty that marked your days Gone with the petals that now fade Gone is your fragrance that caressed many hearts Gone like a shadow that faded in the dark Gone are the friends that sang your praises Gone are they to chase other pursuits Gone are the toils so you can liveContinue reading “TO A DYING ROSE”