Open palms reveal the lines as on a leaf, mirroring hands fate and fortune connect veins of flowing blood mingling lives No one is an island. ~~~~ The words, too, are a zig-zag, put together on the fly, going this way and that and ultimately, somewhere. I hope. Thank you for coming by.  🙂 WPC: Continue reading “WPC: ZIGZAG”

WHEEL (For DVerse Poets)

Sun froze lilies bloomed too soon winter hovers in the horizon the river flowed too fast spin the world backwards push the wheel of fortune is whirring turning turning pray just a sweet spot turning a jackpot is too much turning to ask screeching slowing … to stop…. exhale! …. at where all began.  Continue reading “WHEEL (For DVerse Poets)”


I kissed the Moon good night told her everything I needed to say. Who knows when the night will steal my breath away. Has anyone closed her eyes certain to wake to Dawn waiting and opening presents of the new morn? All the love I have should be given right here right now that thereContinue reading “I KISS THE MOON GOODNIGHT (for Poetry Jam)”

TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

You opened that door, too soon, and floated like a butterfly who saw flowers after a long long while. Come back, grace our table once more. Let us raise our tequila glass for what we have become. We’ll drink deep of the life behind and before us. We’ll pucker up at the sour lemon inContinue reading “TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”

IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

She’s in an in-between world living an in-between life – between childbirth and empty nest between dirty dishes and clean pressing buttons of the washing machine. There she is in the evening between days, old and new wondering how she got there, or how fast time flew and still got nowhere though she chased eachContinue reading “IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)”


Scarlet berries break the grey winter, life stripped to its bones pristine under the cover of snow beauty skin deep pierced by thorns dripping blood seeds of life. ~~~~ I am so looking forward to spring.  In the dead of winter, even the Barberry bush that I normally do not care for, has its merits. Continue reading “WINTER BERRIES”