THE LAST LEAF (A Quadrille)

I’m the last leaf in the tree why was I chosen to be alone where’s the joy in mornings getting colder and darker or in robin’s songs getting fainter and fainter That I’m a survivor means nothing when each breath only delays the inevitable DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #21 – Breath



Sculpted glass glittering beauty cold heart  We’re expecting a big snow storm today, one that is expected to drop 20-30 inches of snow.  January is making up for all the snow winter has missed so far.   With all that snow, flood will greet us when spring comes.   Those of you in the north east, stayContinue reading “FROZEN”


Open palms reveal the lines as on a leaf, mirroring hands fate and fortune connect veins of flowing blood mingling lives No one is an island. ~~~~ The words, too, are a zig-zag, put together on the fly, going this way and that and ultimately, somewhere. I hope. Thank you for coming by.  🙂 WPC: Continue reading “WPC: ZIGZAG”