For Jake’s Sunday Post theme, I am posting something that I posted in my old blog.  It was my little attempt to capture the beauty and magic  of a baby.   Jake’s theme this week is “WONDERFUL”.   I was thinking about those things that I consider wonderful:  flowers, ponds, vacations, scenery, a delicious birthdayContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: WONDERFUL”


I think we are overrun with toys. With four children at home, that is hardly surprising. Even if a child gets toys only during birthdays and Christmases from us and some relatives, those toys will eventually accumulate over time. After seven years, our house is packed. There are toys in the attic, in the basement,Continue reading “SUNDAY POST: TOYS”


One  fateful sunny afternoon in Maine,  before a crowd of a million blackflies, the gladiators’ might was  tested.  Severely tested. They came armed with the sharpest of swords and the mightiest of shields, and the sturdiest of ……… noodles(?!) – to settle once and for all the question – ‘who  giggles the loudest”, ” criesContinue reading “CLASH OF THE TITANS”


One warm May Day, little children’s dreams of sleeping in a tent came true.  They have been wanting to go camping since winter and had patiently waited for the weather to get warm.  Then one day, while visiting Grandma and Grandpop, the temperature was finally right.  And so, in their grandparents’ backyard, the little childrenContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Summer”

REFLECTIONS – The Alternative Weekly Photo Challenge

For one reason or another, WP did not put up its Weekly Photo Challenge.   Ailsapm, knowing how many of us miss this photo challenge, decided to host one for all of us feeling orphaned by WP and so said – – seeing as there hasn’t been an official weekly photo challenge this week, I’mContinue reading “REFLECTIONS – The Alternative Weekly Photo Challenge”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused 2

It was a beautiful day today.  During school break, I let the children play outdoors.  I had fun looking around, taking in the difference between a wet backyard and a dry one and glorying in the latter.  New weeds had come up. The dandelions that were in full bloom just a few days ago haveContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused 2”