Pebbles and cobbles pinecones and sticks, these are treasures a little boy keeps. He would teeter and totter walking forested paths, he holds them more tightly closer to his heart. Then, at night, before he sleeps he counts the treasures his little heart keeps. The poem is inspired by my boys who love to pickContinue reading “TREASURES”


He made a thoughtful list of gifts he wanted to get at Christmas He checked the list once, then some more. His folks would pick his choice for sure. He wanted to get at Christmas things his young heart truly desired – toys and things that will bring him joy. His eyes shone bright withContinue reading “A BOY AND HIS PRESENTS”


A rose blooms for every soul born the mother’s heart is a garden expanding with each seed sown. Her heart is never divided into smaller portions, until it becomes crumbs doled out to begging mouths. Love is multiplied and her heart is given whole to each fruit of her womb. Daily Post: Baby Dverse Poets’Continue reading “A MOTHER’S HEART”


This picture of my son reminds me of these lines from Edna St. Vincent-Millay’s poem, Love in the Open Hand – Love in the open hand, no thing but that, Ungemmed, unhidden, wishing not to hurt, As one should bring you cowslips in a hat Swung from the hand, or apples in her skirt, IContinue reading “LOVE IN THE OPEN HAND (for WPC)”


We sow memories in a pumpkin field while walking on the dirt to find the one pumpkin – unblemished, round, hallow, and big enough to carve into jack-o-lantern We will put candles inside its belly its face will glow and watch those passing by with eyes ablaze with mischief; the pointy teeth announcing the impContinue reading “PICKING PUMPKINS”

SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)

dandelion sprays children picked for their mother beyond magical   I do not know what it is with dandelions, but my children just love them.  They pick up the blooms one by one and when their hands are full, they run screaming and proudly offer to me their bounty. 🙂  When that happens, I amContinue reading “SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)”


  One of the things I like best about spring is that it is much much easier to peel the children off their computer games and send them outdoors to play. Now that they are a little bigger, I do not have to constantly supervise them as they play in the backyard. I can watchContinue reading “WPC: ON THE MOVE”


For this challenge, I sought inspiration from my sons’ Skylanders characters.  I spent my free time last night posing these little dolls, ah, action figures.  I had fun like I never had with this action figures before (my children would sometimes  invite me to play but I get dizzy following the visuals so I giveContinue reading “WPC: OBJECT”