Soldier on, weary soul who knows what you’ll find around the bend – hope for broken hearts rest for your aching  limbs. Then walk on once more with new resolve until your exile is done and you are once again in your eternal home. ~~~~ One autumn day, I chanced upon our neighbors moving theContinue reading “WPC: UNEXPECTED”


Because I am a mother and I do believe that this world belongs to the future – Just because, I need something feel – good for this theme (and something to more or less fit this photo even when the letters turned out to be green, bleh!)  🙂    – Because I like poems andContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: HOPE”


Oh little flower, why the tears? are they of joy for beauty you’ve been blessed or of the fears that one day soon that same beauty will fade and wilt? Yet little flower you make your mark with your scent and color that gladden many hearts. Do not be discouraged by the end that youContinue reading “A FLOWER’S TEARS”