The Hydrangeas are starting to bloom. Here in the North East, Hydrangeas make quite a show with their giant clusters of purple, pink, and light blue flowers. When we lived in an apartment, our landlord had a hydrangea bush that bloomed blue. I thought that it was so pretty that I took a cuttingContinue reading “(FUNNY) HYDRANGEA”


FLOWERS take center stage in SUNDAY POST.  What a lovely way to break  winter’s monotonous landscape.  Where we are, the snow has melted and we are left with leaf covered grounds and scraggly grass. Flowers never fail to bring cheer. Here are some shots that brought me joy. May that they gladden your hearts asContinue reading “FLOWERS THROUGH THE SEASONS”


Clusters of flowers Beauty beyond  sum of parts No room for sadness.   ~~~~ Finally, we are back home.   My vegetable garden did not do well this time.  Half the tomatoes and the zucchini are dying.  But the garden plants did ok.  Inside the house, I saw the hydrangea looking as fresh as theContinue reading “HYDRANGEA”