Camille Pissarro: Peasant Woman and Child Returning from the Fields, Auvers-sur-Oise , Image in Public Domain according to In obscure silence, she toils in her little garden in this side of Heaven an unknown soul blessed with no great wealth nor noble name She labors doing what her state requires humble work or serviceContinue reading “JOY”

SORRY IS A PAINFUL WORD (for DVerse Poets and Magpie Tales)

“Sorry” is stuck in my throat. Humility is a bitter pill I take in grumbling silence louder than yells. I skulk in the corner of pride and excuses that make right my wrong and judgmental your right. I teeter on my pedestal absorbed in preventing my fall or falling with grace if that be theContinue reading “SORRY IS A PAINFUL WORD (for DVerse Poets and Magpie Tales)”