AWAKENING (WPC: It’s Easy to be Green)

The hour of darkness has passed. Here I stand, bruised and shaken but whole. I have remained true to who I am, even when the temptation to give up was most strong. I have not done great things. I have not changed this world. My glory is passing down  the life I have  been given.Continue reading “AWAKENING (WPC: It’s Easy to be Green)”


For this week’s photo challenge, I put together some old photos that are green.  I needed to string together this motley of photographs, so please please, pardon my hasty and silly rhyme. 🙂 And feel free to ignore the words too and head straight to the pictures. 🙂 There are greens that I truly detestContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: GREEN”


One morning, I was taking photographs of the dew on the grass.   The dew made pretty little crystal globes reflecting the sunlight.  I thought that was very pretty.  Then I noticed that while the camera was not yet focused, the crystal droplets turned into little balls of light.  And I took some shots ofContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Unfocused”