AWAKENING (WPC: It’s Easy to be Green)

The hour of darkness has passed.

Here I stand, bruised and shaken

but whole. I have remained true

to who I am, even when

the temptation to give up

was most strong. I have not done

great things. I have not changed this

world. My glory is passing down

 the life I have  been given.

WPC:   It IS Easy Being Green

dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night 192


For this week’s photo challenge, I put together some old photos that are green.  I needed to string together this motley of photographs, so please please, pardon my hasty and silly rhyme. 🙂 And feel free to ignore the words too and head straight to the pictures. 🙂

There are greens that I truly detest

at spring time, they are big pests

This caterpillar which grows to about 1-inch long appears in early spring and gobbles up the tender spring shoots. They especially like young rose and young blueberry leaves. I do not know how to control them without using pesticides. I used a mixture of soap, garlic, and pepper flakes once. It did not work that well.

there are greens I am happy to see

makes this world as pretty as pretty can be

Spring rains and plants go together.

there are greens that are quite resilient

they grow anywhere, how efficient.

I found this lichen growing on a fallen branch in our backyard. I was intrigued by the little tentacles catching the light. I just had to take a photo before the branch was cut up and tossed in the brush pile.

there are greens for souvenirs

of  how life was before I moved here

Calamansi, or kalamunding in my hometown, is our version of lime. The closest fruit I foound here is the key lime. They do not have the same flavor. It is the tartness in our marinades, the extra boost to pancit, the cure-all for our cold (in the form of Calamansi juice, a.k.a., limonada.) Its plant has little fragrant white flowers that scent the air.

Then there is the green that’s truly useful

the tractor, not the man, is an excellent tool. 😉

The man and the tractor have the same name, and are both dear. 😉 Goodbye, dandelions. We need to keep up with our neighbors’ neat yard. Before we had the tractor, we – the Dear, rather, used a push lawnmower to trim the yard.

Here are the rest of the Green photos.

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I love green. Green is calm and serene.  That’s why I would have had every room in our house in every shade of green if I only had my way.   That is also why I love taking picture of leaves and grass and trees. That is why I am glad that the first theme for LIVE AND LOVE OUT LOUD’s Nurture Photography-Fall Challenge is Green.

So today, after school was done, I set out to take photos with green in them.  This time, however, I tried to veer away from foliage.  Just to have a little change of pace.   Happily,  I chanced upon these little things.

Yet I wonder –

What happens to them when the season gets colder?

Isn’t this green-hued bee pretty? I assume that it is a bee, a different kind of bee. 😀

How do they survive, assuming that they survive at all.

Pardon me.  My tropical bred mind had never contemplated such things. 😉  And until this time, I have not truly spared a thought for a fly except on how to swat it.

I admit that once I stop thinking of a fly as the  pesky bug that it is, it  can be pretty.  As for the bee, I have no issues with it.  It is welcome in the garden as long as it stays away from me. 🙂 I am glad to know that there is more than one variety in the backyard.

Finally, I got this photo.  I know.  I know I said that I would lay off from foliage photos for this challenge.  Yet, I could not resist taking a picture of the sun peeking through the tiny hole on a hosta sepal – that little leaf-like piece that  is left on the stem after the flower dies.

I had fun trying to fit the setting sun into that little hole.  🙂

I really like garden themes, so I am joining this fabulous place THE ROSEGARDEN IN MALEVIK. If you love roses and gardens, this is nice place to visit.

  Nurture Photography - Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge


One morning, I was taking photographs of the dew on the grass.   The dew made pretty little crystal globes reflecting the sunlight.  I thought that was very pretty.  Then I noticed that while the camera was not yet focused, the crystal droplets turned into little balls of light.  And I took some shots of the dew that way.  Here is what I came up with.

You can mouse over to see a bigger picture. 🙂

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