YELLOW ROSES (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow)

These are photos of Golden Celebration Rose which I have taken many weeks and months ago. This rose plant is utterly beautiful and it would have been just perfect if it thrived well in our garden. Had it done so, I would have clusters of sweet smelling yellow flowers during the summer and fall. IContinue reading “YELLOW ROSES (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow)”


I spied roses in the store there were dozens of them in gorgeous colors I could not help myself but get close – after all, who could refuse the call of a rose even though I know I would be disappointed because roses elegant as they should be without their fragrance and thorns are butContinue reading “A ROSE IS A ROSE”


Yes.  I am using the preposition “A” instead of “The” because I am certain that more rose pictures will grace this pages in the near future, wet or not. 🙂  I like roses (who does not?) even when they are thorny and a little persnickity.  There are several of them in the yard  –  plantedContinue reading “A (WET) ROSE PARADE”