A party of blue jays flew over my headinto the forest, going home for the night I chase happiness flying with fresh wingsand dream of it well into the night I ran here and there until the lights went outSitting by my window, I stared down the night Stars glistened, the half moon smilednightContinue reading “HAPPINESS”



Wintry winds may blow and heavily the snow showers in threadbare petals stand tall these December flowers. Like ancient calligraphy, stripped limbs rise to the skies painting prayers; below, the earth shows December flowers. How bleak the landscape, the cold is heavy in the heart Contemplative eyes focus on December flowers. When time has strippedContinue reading “DECEMBER FLOWERS”


DVERSE Poets’ featured form is the Ghazal.  The Ghazal is an Arabic poetry that originated in the 6th century.  To my ears, it has the rhythm of a tolling bell.  The Ghazal has its unique rhyming and metering scheme which I do not think I accomplished.  But I had to try anyway….  For  better examplesContinue reading “BEYOND THE GRAVE (My Poor Ghazal)”