ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, AILSA prompts us to post pictures that honor women or remind us of special women in our lives. I wanted to post rose pictures knowing that most, if not all women, love roses. Then, I realized that where I came from, there were more orchids than roses. There wasContinue reading “ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day”


First of all, I wish to thank Let’s BE Wild for awarding to me the winner’s banner for last week’s photo challenge- NOW. for this photo which appeared here: What a lovely belated birthday gift; what an encouragement to do more of what I like – taking photos.  The rest of the winning photos canContinue reading “WILD WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: FLOWERS”


Little drops of snow filling autumn’s landscape you leave dusk aglow with your chaste starry shape. Your soft golden core glows gently in the sun like a smile so pure you cheer the lonely one. But how could your beauty be sullied by that stench that only the humble bee drinks deeply of your scent?Continue reading “OH! LITTLE DAISY”


I especially like Ailsa’s travel theme this week – Flowers.  I like taking pictures of flowers and I collected an album-ful of them during our Philippine trip.  How handy is it to have a reason to upload photos not simply for my own indulgence but also as a response to a challenge.  The latter removesContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: FLOWERS”


I have difficulty capturing purple, deep purple, e.g., the deep purple of the gladiolus.   When I take a photo with the right exposure (as indicated by those nifty little marks in my camera), the color turns out red purple, not deep blue purple as it should be. Look!     The color should beContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Purple”


The dark clouds trembled Liquid silver mixed with dust frogs sang through the night. It rained a lot during our trip. When I first set eyes on my mother’s garden, I was surprised that there was not much in it.  “The plants died.  It was too dry,” she explained.  The following day, rain poured in.Continue reading “RAIN”


So, after almost 21 hours of flying, we are with our Philippine folks.  We are still jetlagged but we are getting better.  Through my mental and sleep fog, I checked the garden and found, with some disappointment, that most of the flowering plants and orchids were gone.  The driftwood where the orchids were attached wereContinue reading “PRETTY VANDA”