We are in a heat wave and my responses tended towards things that symbolize all that I want to be during these days – cool, and clean, and pretty too – not a bad wish, if I may say so), just like these flowers after a rain.     As I write this post, theContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: FRESH”


Yay! The sun had not been too kind these last few days.  We’ve had high 80’s and it’s just the beginning of summer.  However, while I (who should be used to the humid temperatures, having spent most of my life in tropical Philippines) did not relish the heat, the roses exalted in it. Try asContinue reading “ROSES”


Our two week visit to family had finally come to an end. After almost 8 hours on the road (that and the ensuing tiredness and endless chores are my excuses for my not being able to visit you nor reply to your comments 🙂 ), we pulled into our driveway at last. I was relieved toContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: CURVES”


We are still away from home and I am missing home (although I am enjoying the lack of activity and the shared responsibility as far as supervising children goes). There is no better ‘distraction’ than grandma and grandpa. 🙂 I took most of these pictures before we left for our spring visit to my in-laws.Continue reading “PEONIES FOR YOU”


Here are some Tequila Sunrise rose photos for your enjoyment, dear friends. Just a little story. In December, when my husband and children were putting the outdoor lights around one of the evergreens by our porch, one of them stepped on this rose plant and broke the main branch. I did not not make tooContinue reading “TEQUILA SUNRISE”


Marking the boundary between our place and our neighbor’s is a flowering tree. It bears white flowers or arcing stems. The flowers are moderately fragrant and they bloom in the latter part of spring. Unfortunately, I do not know its name. A couple of years ago, I saw a similar plant in a nursery andContinue reading ““W” FOR WHITE FLOWERS”