I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens  Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden. “I am Peony, Queen of spring gardens Beauty is my blueprint I bow to the rain Grandeur is my burden.” That’s the little piece I thought of after seeing the beautiful flowers bowed to theContinue reading “PEONY (for WPC: EXTRA, EXTRA)”


The Lily of the Valley in our yard are blooming.  Their sweetness greet us as we step into our driveway.  Being close to their perfume is the best part of taking their pictures, good enough compensation for the sore knee I get from kneeling on the ground to get a good view of the flowers. Continue reading “LILY OF THE VALLEY”


Good morning! 🙂 These photos are for you, new followers and old bloggy friends. Thank you for being here. I took these photos of roses in the early morning when they were still wet with dew and the sun was just rising in the horizon. I think they are specially pretty around that time (andContinue reading “MORNING ROSES”


For this Weekly Photo Challenge – FOCUS, I wish to share these two sets of photographs which were taken by different cameras. The pictures of the dew drops were macros I took of the dew on the grass blades one morning. The photographs are from the same real life scene, a blade of grass withContinue reading “WPC: FOCUS”


Poor butterfly! Does it know – its wings are broken perhaps, it does not care it flits from flower to flower as good and joyful as any other as long as it flies, gets its nectar its life work’s done. Maybe, that’s all that matters. ~~~~ For more CAREFREE, please visit the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. Continue reading “WPC: CAREFREE”


Clusters of flowers Beauty beyond  sum of parts No room for sadness.   ~~~~ Finally, we are back home.   My vegetable garden did not do well this time.  Half the tomatoes and the zucchini are dying.  But the garden plants did ok.  Inside the house, I saw the hydrangea looking as fresh as theContinue reading “HYDRANGEA”