Mushrooms sprout like Bedouin tents in the cool of an autumn night in varied colors, in varied shapes much to a fairy’s delight. Under the dome of their mushroom home held aloft by one sturdy pole fairies lounge and rest their heads lulled to sleep by a hooting owl. When dawn comes, e’re the sunContinue reading “MUSHROOMS”


This fall, our backyard brought us a wonderful surprise: mushrooms! In the previous years, we only had about a few mushrooms. But this year, they were literally covering a good chunk of our backyard. They grew in clusters, and sometimes, one on top of another and another.  Here I thought that they grew like umbrellasContinue reading “MUSHROOM INVASION (for WPC: Chaos)”


  Angel of death don’t you ever tire sowing discord making wars too many have rallied to your cause for what? for what? for a measly piece of this world earthly dominion oppression of a soul what joy what joy is there in someone’s fall? Do you sleep quiet at night or hide from itsContinue reading “FRAYED ANGEL OF DEATH (for WPC: Fray)”