yellow roses on the teacups waiting to come alive with conversation and stories as only friends can have but where are the friends who come and visit had  time erased them one by one the roses faded into the crazed porcelain until friendly hands caress and bring them to life again. ~~~ I bought these piecesContinue reading “ROSES ON TEACUPS”



Sometimes, when the night is bright while I’m drifting   between wakefulness and sleep she’d sidle up to me and fill my head with angst “Woe am I!” she says, “I am but the shadowy child of the Sun and Night.” “I have been cursed to live in the dark and be my full selfContinue reading “UNDER THE SILVERY LIGHT”


The teacups rest in the cupboard wishing for those days long gone when friends gathered round the table filling moments with laughter and songs. Days came, days went, dreams led our step to different paths. “Until then,” we said, believing that distance is determined solely in miles while our hearts remained entwined. If the milesContinue reading “UNTIL THEN”

TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

You opened that door, too soon, and floated like a butterfly who saw flowers after a long long while. Come back, grace our table once more. Let us raise our tequila glass for what we have become. We’ll drink deep of the life behind and before us. We’ll pucker up at the sour lemon inContinue reading “TO A FRIEND, IN MEMORIAM (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”