Between day and night, blooming and fading, endings and beginnings, we are. ~~~~ I took this picture as the sun was setting.  It is not only the time of day that is a ‘between’.  I chose this rose because it is halfway to full blossom and it is beautiful. WPC:  BETWEEN


Good morning! 🙂 These photos are for you, new followers and old bloggy friends. Thank you for being here. I took these photos of roses in the early morning when they were still wet with dew and the sun was just rising in the horizon. I think they are specially pretty around that time (andContinue reading “MORNING ROSES”


Yay! The sun had not been too kind these last few days.  We’ve had high 80’s and it’s just the beginning of summer.  However, while I (who should be used to the humid temperatures, having spent most of my life in tropical Philippines) did not relish the heat, the roses exalted in it. Try asContinue reading “ROSES”


For all of the care that I have been putting in the garden – NONE – I am quite pleased that the roses still give blooms.  I say, they bloom more now that I left them alone – than when I fussed constantly about them.  The garden, or what is supposed to be one, isContinue reading “SEPTEMBER’S ROSES”