One  fateful sunny afternoon in Maine,  before a crowd of a million blackflies, the gladiators’ might was  tested.  Severely tested. They came armed with the sharpest of swords and the mightiest of shields, and the sturdiest of ……… noodles(?!) – to settle once and for all the question – ‘who  giggles the loudest”, ” criesContinue reading “CLASH OF THE TITANS”


One warm May Day, little children’s dreams of sleeping in a tent came true.  They have been wanting to go camping since winter and had patiently waited for the weather to get warm.  Then one day, while visiting Grandma and Grandpop, the temperature was finally right.  And so, in their grandparents’ backyard, the little childrenContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Summer”

FATHER AND SONS – Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

 None of these pictures are new.  Over the years, I have collected photos of my husband working with our children.  Seeing him at work as a father has always fascinated me.  I meant to make a compilation of all these pictures, make a coherent presentation of them, but somehow, I never got the chance to.Continue reading “FATHER AND SONS – Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands”