No. Let’s not talk about what used to be your marriage, and how it had gone under the weight of Her affairs, based on whispers just for your ears. They are all that you see. Please stop talking about His ill temper or his jealous nature. They are quite clear to everyone who has beenContinue reading “BROKEN”


Seeds of a flower grew together now are astride the wind to find their fortune in a land yonder where new life begins another blossom just like old home sends off its young again. Life goes on – birth death generations. Oh, brother oh, sister flourish where you are as a seed that was bornContinue reading “DISPERSION”


So, Jakesprinter wants to see some Christmas from us.  And Christmas is what he will get. 😉 C is for children and cookies.  They go together. H is for Happiness that especially shows after receiving a nice gift. 🙂 R is for the rising sun that I chanced upon on Christmas morning, lending the snowContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: CHRISTMAS”


I think we are overrun with toys. With four children at home, that is hardly surprising. Even if a child gets toys only during birthdays and Christmases from us and some relatives, those toys will eventually accumulate over time. After seven years, our house is packed. There are toys in the attic, in the basement,Continue reading “SUNDAY POST: TOYS”


There’s a nip in the air the sun is a little mild leaves are turning yellow I think fall has arrived.   The exodus of summer clothes to the attic will  begin that with open drawers we’ll welcome  fall clothes’ reign.   Then starts the confusion of putting clothes in their places- they’ve been wizenedContinue reading “A SEASONAL RITUAL”


Cook. Wash Dishes. Wash clothes. Fold clothes. Change diapers. Repeat. Sometimes, it feels like those are all the things she does. How inconsequential. How routine. She will look at herself, her unglamorous self, feel inadequate and descend into a blue funk. Through the blue prism, she sees her friends wearing clothes with names wondering whichContinue reading “BLUE FUNK”