IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

She’s in an in-between world living an in-between life – between childbirth and empty nest between dirty dishes and clean pressing buttons of the washing machine. There she is in the evening between days, old and new wondering how she got there, or how fast time flew and still got nowhere though she chased eachContinue reading “IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)”


An afternoon shared playing roles in our game building family. ~~~~~ This photo reflects us while we were in the middle of a role-playing game:  Pathfinder.  My husband is the Game Master while my children and I each assumed heroic characters accomplishing some quests and battling bad guys in the process.  My character is aContinue reading “WPC: REFLECTIONS”


A day a year a life celebrated in the excited voices and pink buntings hanging from the ceiling. Princesses watch from the rafters holding the pink tapestry in place plastic smiles amused at the man all agog keeping dozens of candles lit over a purplish cake. All are in the memory box wrapped in colorfulContinue reading “PRESENT”


I am presenting a straightforward response to this prompt by presenting our family.   I am quite ecstatic to have a family picture, at last, even when it is hard to have everybody focused on the camera.  I was finally able to use the Tripod and the self-timer to take a photo of us. 🙂 We’reContinue reading “WPC: FAMILY”


“Stop!” the screaming banshee of a mommy yells from the other room at her little monkeys running wild making a mess of their home. “Watch out! There are legos and lincoln logs nasty little traps scattered on the floor There are ninjas and soldiers trucks and trains and guns and more.” “Are you crazy?!” yelledContinue reading “HOME”


The other side of the bed is a rich place holding all I wished for in life a kind heart, loving arms, and a pillar of strength There’s no bad day that I turn to that side and won’t find solace or a good day that I look its way and won’t find the dayContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED”


He loves deeply, that’s all that you should know even when his love hides in the shadow of fear that tenderness would make him weak to those he loves, he could never seem meek His strong arm  contains his emotion’s flow. His counsels are gold but they do not glow within rebukes given with furrowedContinue reading “HE LOVES DEEPLY”