Night Washed by Rain, glows in The street lights, Turns A dreary day to A magical moment. Darkness retreats before joy Hope sings to the rhythm of rain Blessed Silence calms the restless dreams When morning comes, my heart is new again. The horizon lights up in golden hues Shadows dissipate into nothing My eyesContinue reading “THANKSGIVING”


Leaves Don’t fall Without you Turning. Hang on When the wind blusters Hold tight when the rain pours Watch the geese fly south. Behold The sun go dim or even wait For Halloween. Do anything but Fall without unfurling Autumn’s banner. Autumn is Good Friday’s empty altar Stripped of flowers, and colors, and life WavesContinue reading “AUTUMN”

QUEEN ANNE’S FATE (for lack of a better title)

Dance Queen Anne trim with lace the meadow bed for your wild monarch butterfly rests his head in your chambers. Would he stay? You ask. Faithfulness is not his to give. Yet you stay with your merry ways until Autumn’s cold winds do you part. Hope is a gift that lets you stand even whenContinue reading “QUEEN ANNE’S FATE (for lack of a better title)”