You covered my hands with beauty you lifted the hopes of my soul while we walked down the altar to pledge myself to my love’s call How nervous our steps were but you covered my hands with beauty concealed the trembling of my bones that a radiant smile eyes would see You witnessed new lifeContinue reading “BRIDAL BOUQUET”


Outside my window there are the same roads there are the same people walking their dogs There’s old Mr. Magazoo taking his morning walk and stopping by our neighbor’s for some small talk There are the old houses with bolted doors standing on our street like abandoned forts lurking unnoticed by cars zipping by fasterContinue reading “ON THE STREET WHERE WE LIVE”


A bowl of daffodils by the window Looking at the grey skies and falling snow convey my prayers for a cheerful day To frighten those sad winter ghosts away That my heart may sing hymns and praises Of the wonders that each season delivers. Another winter storm just blew over.  Today, we have sunny skiesContinue reading “WINTER OFFERING (A Quadrille)”


My broom dances to Yoyo Ma bowing a Bach prelude Dust and crumb puff and twirl sensing my happy mood With kids asleep, the night is mine the night is mine alone and I will dance and I will sing my broom as microphone Yoyo Ma will fiddle and bow he’ll fiddle all night longContinue reading “A MOTHER’S NIGHT”


Oh, Little Child, where will dawn find you? Sprawled on the burning sands, lost in the cold? Uncertainty is your lot Your mother had cast you out Other mothers have their own to worry about Little Child, may dawn find you safe at last. DVERSE POETS’ PUB – Quadrille #25-Dawn


Hum a tune when your words seem lost and refuse to paint the world you see better than your sulking silence court back your  muse with melody Cocooned in your beloved’s arms hum a tune when your words seem lost or fail to grasp the depths of love. A serenade perks  up romance. When life becomesContinue reading “HUM A TUNE (A RONDEL)”

THE LAST LEAF (A Quadrille)

I’m the last leaf in the tree why was I chosen to be alone where’s the joy in mornings getting colder and darker or in robin’s songs getting fainter and fainter That I’m a survivor means nothing when each breath only delays the inevitable DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #21 – Breath


~~~~~ Your pictures don’t have all the memories Some of them are on my skin lined and stained by a dozen crayons wielded by hands Who are yet to learn their ABCs. A doorframe upstairs would have summaries Of years of growing the children have had Counted by inches, a hue for each child ’tilContinue reading “MEMORIES ON THE WALL”


Wherever you are Look up at the skies and remember The same mantle binds Me to you. Look at the oceans Stretching from here to there Stringing our lives like pearls In a necklace. We stand on the same ground Are warmed by the same sun Guarded by the same moon And while we dreamContinue reading “TOGETHER”


This rose has been too long in the sun Her edges are getting dry Gone are her petals’ velvety shine in its stead are the unsightly lines that no doubt say she’s past her prime. Her thorns get sharper as they wither Her fragrance betrays the odor of decay Will she remain the treasured flowerContinue reading “WILL YOU?”