This piece combines Dverse Poets Pub’s quadrille prompt – storm – and Instagram’s @fallpoetry’s day number 5 #JuneFall’s prompt – “back scattered memories”.  Friends looking out for poetry prompts for inspiration and are in instagram, @fallpoetry’s page may be of interest to you.  On the other hand, you may find my poems at @imeldasantore.  


If I could hold the fragrance of a rose and make it last, I would. But I cannot as I cannot hold the music that flows and calms the sorrows of my human lot. How glorious are the sunbeams that throw golden rings around dandelion puffs yet neither light nor puff wishes to stay soonContinue reading “EVANESCENT”

BROKEN (a Quadrille)

Dreams exploding like detonated bombs – that’s the sound of our prayer. Tears cannot fall fast enough to drown our pains – could they be the rain coaxing kindness to life or the glue patching broken pieces with gold. We are wounded and we soldier on. For DVerse Poets’ Quadrille prompt – Sound The photoContinue reading “BROKEN (a Quadrille)”


  Sugar comes back to our kitchen on Holy Saturdays after a forty day absence. It feeds the yeast that leavens the dough for our favorite Easter treat, Philadelphia Sticky Buns. My husband carefully kneads the rising dough and leaves it on a covered bowl to double. Then it will be kneaded again preparatory toContinue reading “LEAVENED BREAD”


Love casts out fear, it has been said but I have never been as scared as when I loved and gave my heart to love’s power and to its art. To what folly have I been ensnared? Alone, I fly free, as a bird leading its wings to paths it dared fly, with no oneContinue reading “THE ART OF LOVE”


My beauty lasts but a short time and all I have, to you I give –      My velvet blooms, capture in rhyme      My beauty lasts but a short time Before rains make my death knells chime I hope I lived my cause to live My beauty lasts but a short timeContinue reading “MAGNOLIA”

PRINCESS (A Quadrille)

Her hands spread out like wings Her feet waltzed her balloon skirt billowing and falling in time with the sparrows’ trills Her joy rings in the meadow Her face glows with a (day)dream – She is a princess The world awaits. She already is. Written for dVerse Poets Quadrille #29. De Jackson/WhimsyGizmo wants a 44Continue reading “PRINCESS (A Quadrille)”


Sundrenched mornings open the day sprinkling diamonds on sleepy grass as mist lifts and then dissipates puffing the clouds dotting azure skies. Sparrows twitter up on the trees, glossy feathers waving in the wind their bellies filled with early worms once working on the warming ground. Silken threads swing from budding twigs luminous in theContinue reading “SPRING MORNING”

SPRING (A Quadrille)

Spring is         overrated.        It is melting snow and dirt muddying up the ground; puny greens pushing out with their leafy might. Could I help hasten the process – make flowers bloom faster than they should? Waiting is a burden yielding its fruit in due season. DVERSE POETS QUADRILLEContinue reading “SPRING (A Quadrille)”