Doors lead to doors I only enter with trepidation what’s in store behind the door Hope is my pray’r. I am not a seer I could not count all the costs but I am fairly sure choices have consequences some come soon others later. I am afraid to open a door yet, even ifContinue reading “DOORS”


    Tap. He jumped into the moonlight. She was no echo of a dream, a gust of wind he couldn’t help imagining. Tap. Tap. He pushed aside the curtain – From the moonlit lawn wind blown hair wave at him. He let out his breath “Come down,” She was signaling – she would sneakContinue reading “MOONLIGHT TRYST ( A Found Poem)”

BECAUSE … (A Haibun)

“Vanity of vanity. All is vanity,” so says the prophet Qohelet in the Book of Ecclesiastes about  life. It does seem like life is all about chasing the wind. There are days when, saddled with the routine of everyday, I find myself engrossed in an internal conversation about existence. How do I reconcile the repetitiveContinue reading “BECAUSE … (A Haibun)”


How dark is the darkness that takes away sense and memories of light? How dark is the darkness that devours what was what is, what will be? How dark is the darkness that locks one in despair and throws out the key? How dark is the darkness that tricks the mind to see escape throughContinue reading “DARKNESS”

QUANDARY (A Quadrille)

Should I rein in the words troubling my heart or Should I set them free? I was afraid I would be spurned, humiliated for daring! But I could also spark a better Something. I was dying to know. So I said – “I love you.” Written for DVerse’s Quadrille #40 prompt, Free,and   Rein ‘Em In!Continue reading “QUANDARY (A Quadrille)”


Still I wait For magic to come Knowing not What it is I wonder if it has passed. Was I blind? Dappled light Filters through the leaves Shimmering Long shadows Stretch the trees, shorten the days. Isn’t that magic? Wind carries The song of laughter Echoing Counterpoint To the disquiet within. It falls on deafContinue reading “LOOKING FOR MAGIC”

SUNFLOWERS (An Acrostic)

Sunshine in her eyes Unlock the beauty within Never self-seeking or proud is this Flower of a thousand dreams – Love blooming to perfection Offers all of herself Wanting nothing in return Except for Love Radiating through Shadows in her soul. Frank invites folks to write an Acrostic poem for DVERSE PUB’s Meeting the BarContinue reading “SUNFLOWERS (An Acrostic)”

BLISS (A Quadrille)

There is bliss in the little things of everyday In the unbroken rhythm of sunsets and sunrises of heartbeats and breath. My heart lifts with the sigh of a tranquil sea. I close my eyes and savor the warmth your hands give to mine. It is quadrille Monday at DVerse and Bjorn invites us toContinue reading “BLISS (A Quadrille)”


It was a time of great expectations. I thought summer would be the time when I would finally be able to compile the poems I have written through five years of blogging and group them into themes. I was curious to know if even a half-decent chapbook would come out of my efforts. Alas! OtherContinue reading “WANING SUMMER”


a butterfly cavorting in endless summers a deer drinking spring waters soon sprinting away from danger a worm ever struggling in darkness I am in this dream my exile holding on to hope – I will   awake at the appointed hour and  live   eternal life. It is Quadrille Monday in Dverse Poets’ PubContinue reading “MY DREAM”