I want to hear Silence winding its way in the crowd picking up the noise and zipping them in his bag. I would like to hear him sing in the treetops and on the ground accompanied only by birds carrying their rhythm to the clouds. I would love Silence to sit with me on theContinue reading “A MOMENT WITH SILENCE”

ORIGIN OF STARS (a Quadrille)

 I saw my fox fish a star from the sea How brightly it shone showing its joy to be free Then it began to crackle, crumble into sparks then flew like fireflies into the skies so dark and there they’re still brightening the night. DVerse Quadrille #19:  Spark


How lovely is that flower, Heaven claims her as its own. Her labor perfumes its gardens Her tears make its pillars tremble for from her bosom springs forth souls shaped by God in His image and likeness to eternity they are bound prisms of grace and beauty doled from the Creator’s hands. Favored are you,Continue reading “MOTHERHOOD”


He drinks deeply of love – sating his hunger feeding a future, uncertain what tricks could time  play? So, he drinks deeply until he and his beloved are one against time. ~~~ The fall leaf held fast through loneliness, wind, and snow to have one last spring. ~~~~ For this week’s DVERSE Poetics, Shanyn wantsContinue reading “SHORT POEMS FOR DVERSE”