Temptation is an onyx raven plaguing the defenses of my soul pecking, clawing, it circles around me as if it smells carrion within this forest of innocence my refuge and protection It cracks my shield and darkness filters through My bones are bruised My soul is limp but I have not sinned while I resist.Continue reading “TEMPTATION”


Come, breathe of my fragrance caressing daylight’s breeze Cradle my velvet skin close to your heart, let my chaste lips soothe your spirit Color us lilac while comely spring sustains me.       DVERSE Poets’ Pub: Open Link Night  #197 https://dversepoets.com/2017/06/01/open-link-night-197/ I am in internet Lalaland right now so I apologize in advance ifContinue reading “CHARMER”


Love casts out fear, it has been said but I have never been as scared as when I loved and gave my heart to love’s power and to its art. To what folly have I been ensnared? Alone, I fly free, as a bird leading its wings to paths it dared fly, with no oneContinue reading “THE ART OF LOVE”


A rose blooms for every soul born the mother’s heart is a garden expanding with each seed sown. Her heart is never divided into smaller portions, until it becomes crumbs doled out to begging mouths. Love is multiplied and her heart is given whole to each fruit of her womb. Daily Post: Baby Dverse Poets’Continue reading “A MOTHER’S HEART”


Her words escaped like steam rushing out of a boiling cauldron they hit their mark, scalded and burned one she claims to love. She bent her knees, begged forgiveness kissed the wounds, called back her words – “I did not mean them,” she said. yet even though she was forgiven and everything seemed all fineContinue reading “DONE”