Love casts out fear, it has been said
but I have never been as scared
as when I loved and gave my heart
to love's power and to its art.
To what folly have I been ensnared?

Alone, I fly free, as a bird
leading its wings to paths it dared
fly, with no one to lose or hurt.
Love casts out fear -

in soothing tones, it calls, I learned
and followed where my soul love steered - 
a full life seen from all its parts
as its Maker had planned.  His art,
Love, casts out fear.


Written for PAD Challenge - Day 3 - "_____________ of Love"

An attempt at writing a Rondeau.


A rose blooms for every soul born
the mother’s heart is a garden
expanding with each seed sown.

Her heart is never divided
into smaller portions, until it becomes
crumbs doled out to begging mouths.

Love is multiplied
and her heart is given whole
to each fruit of her womb.

Here is my baby, my fifth child.  I am so thrilled at the way he grows and learns about his world.  At the same time, somehow, I miss the days when he was but a helpless infant.  The above poem came to me when he was but little.   It should not have been a surprise, but I was still struck by the truth that I love this fifth child as fiercely as I love my first (and every) child.

Daily Post: Baby

Dverse Poets’ Open Link Night 190



Her words escaped like steam
rushing out of a boiling cauldron
they hit their mark, scalded and burned
one she claims to love.
She bent her knees,
begged forgiveness
kissed the wounds, called back her words –
“I did not mean them,” she said.
yet even though she was forgiven
and everything seemed all fine
the scar that had been caused
bleeds once in every while.
Ah..if only stemming one’s words
could be as easy as spewing bile
then the latter’s momentary relief
will yield to silence’s wisdom.

For Day 18 of November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Forget What I Said  and DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night 123.  Thank you for coming by.  Do check out the links for lovely poems. 🙂