¬† A party of blue jays flew over my headinto the forest, going home for the night I chase happiness flying with fresh wingsand dream of it well into the night I ran here and there until the lights went outSitting by my window, I stared down the night Stars glistened, the half moon smilednightContinue reading “HAPPINESS”


The dark clouds did not bring the rain They teased, only to drift away. Thirsty flowers were left wanting to quench their thirst on that humid day. The grasshoppers went on playing The dark clouds did not bring the rain But the ants kept on working building up their pile of summer grain. Why wouldContinue reading “THE DARK CLOUDS DID NOT BRING THE RAIN”


Silence is the sanctuary of my soul. It is the shell that turns sand into a pearl. Within its confines, words lose meaning and become the ripples that disturb the serene surface. How lovely is this silence. How fragile is the stillness. I hide and burrow deeper in its comforts. From within, I see theContinue reading “AN ANATOMY OF SILENCE”


You said I cannot catch a rainbow. Rainbows are for fairies and leperchauns. Someone as ordinary as me does not stand a chance to lure a rainbow into my hands. But I know something enchanted folks don’t – Rainbows are children of Rain and Sun and I can stand under the rain and I canContinue reading “TO CATCH A RAINBOW”


The fairest flow’r of spring has sprung from the earth, where once it was entombed but by miracle had become that fallen seed’s nurturing womb. In the calm of a breaking dawn, the fairest flow’r of spring has sprung to break the curse winter had wrought on the once desolate wasteland. And all the earthContinue reading “RESURRECTION”


The fragrance of innocence wafts in the air like the song of songbirds on a morning wrapped in spring’s dew-kissed glow. What beautiful flower is the face of innocence softer than velvet are its petals making angelic the hands they kiss. The joy of innocence soars to the heavens like a dove flying home. EverContinue reading “ODE TO INNOCENCE”


This garden of roses is my garden of sorrows thorns push against my skin drawing¬† blood in scarlet patterns. I wish I could remember the sweet fragrance, the velvet charm of the flowers, but pain overwhelms. I look to the heavens for deliverance. What will I be when my prayers are answered with silence? ThisContinue reading “THE GARDEN”


Once I was a child staring in wonder into the night to see my shooting star to which I would confide my heart’s prayer What beautiful gem is a child’s prayer Its innocence is itself a wonder sparkling as brightly as the brightest star. Alas! a shooting star is never a star It never hadContinue reading “SHOOTING STAR”