Wishes sat by the roadside dejected and forlorn they have long been waiting for the hand to claim their own but nobody dared come near for wishes exact a price many opt to hide behind contentment’s guise. One wish says she is Love She looks rather old Her hope springs eternal she’ll find the oneContinue reading “WISHES”


“Blessed be the man that trusteth in the Lord, and the Lord shall be his confidence. And he shall be as a tree planted in the waters, that spreadeth out his roots towards moisture; and it shall not fear when the heat cometh. And the leaf thereof shall be green, and in the time ofContinue reading “BY THE LIVING WATERS”


All things pass and at the end of the day I have nothing but the memories that I wish I could sift through to separate the good from the bad as though I can separate the rose from its thorns. So I go on balancing between joy and regret waiting for time to make themContinue reading “AT THE END OF THE DAY (For DVerse)”


So this is how a dream feels like – a ray of sunshine that filters through my hands, illuminates it for a while with a million stars exploding into dust before my eyes. What a lovely phantasm that brightens the earthbound and elevates the mundane to the Ethereal. Rather than vapors, I wish for dreamsContinue reading “THIS IS HOW A DREAM FEELS LIKE”


For this photo challenge, I am sharing what are apparently very different photos. Not only are they taken during different seasons, but they were also in different settings. The first picture reminds of that time a long time ago, when I was a third grader sitting on a chair by the window. I often foundContinue reading “WPC: HORIZON”

FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)

HOPE Your voice in the wind tinkling like mandolin strings echo in my moonlit dreams. My arms are empty the oceans stand between us we’re together in our dreams. ~~~~ Thanks dVerse and Sam for the something to focus on. πŸ™‚ Β The past few days found me engrossed about things that I needed to accomplishContinue reading “FORM FOR ALL: SEDOKA (The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love)”