Wake me up when the September moon rises. Kiss my brows with dew and my lips with the fragrance of lilies and,  like a young butterfly testing its wings, My eyes will flutter seeing its first light In you, glowing with Autumn’s crimson blush And my heart will quicken at the first stirring of love SingingContinue reading “WAITING”


“Blessed be the man that trusteth in the Lord, and the Lord shall be his confidence. And he shall be as a tree planted in the waters, that spreadeth out his roots towards moisture; and it shall not fear when the heat cometh. And the leaf thereof shall be green, and in the time ofContinue reading “BY THE LIVING WATERS”


My day begins and ends attending to my baby.  In between, I am busy taking care of the needs of a rather large family of seven:  feeding, schooling, refereeing four bickering boys, and meeting their demands.   There are dishes to clean, clothes to wash and fold, a house to straighten up.  On a goodContinue reading “JUST AN ORDINARY LIFE”


A star is never selfish it lives to give its light that those who receive it may also shine Hello all.  Somehow, the season – late fall, winter,  has gotten into me.  The gloomy days have somehow denied me my desire to take new photos and to write.  I think my limited words have runContinue reading “TWINKLE (for WPC)”


Morning is beautiful not for the sun lighting up the grey sky nor for the dew glittering like diamonds on gossamer gowns It is beautiful not for the songs that break the silence of the night accompanied by the beats of wings raring to take flight No. Even when there are no such delights MorningContinue reading “MORNING IS BEAUTIFUL”

MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

The Angels tossed kisses on the grass last night while the moon bathed the ground with its silvery light and while the world was asleep God gathered them all and strung them into gems to wrap His gift of a new dawn. The other night, our family camped in my in-laws backyard.  The sun floodingContinue reading “MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)”


Last summer and fall, I took as many pictures of flowers as I could.  “For the long winter,” I thought.  It seems like winter has dragged on for a long time though in reality, it is not even halfway through yet.   The grey days are wearing me down.  Tonight, I got to look back atContinue reading “ROSES AND DEWDROPS”


It’s all about Lines, Shapes, Textures, or Patters at the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Here are some pictures I have which, I think, respond to the prompt. Nature offers all in a variety of ways. For instance, a leaf has its own unique lines and shape that make it distinguishable from all other leaves.Continue reading “WPC: LINES AND PATTERNS”


Good morning! 🙂 These photos are for you, new followers and old bloggy friends. Thank you for being here. I took these photos of roses in the early morning when they were still wet with dew and the sun was just rising in the horizon. I think they are specially pretty around that time (andContinue reading “MORNING ROSES”

HEARTS for “H”

Dying to self for the good of another life in abundance. The images inspired the little poem.  I thought that these hearts are so alive, being so green and dewy.  Anyway, these photos are the products of walking the dog early in the morning.  I could not just stand there and wait for Thunder toContinue reading “HEARTS for “H””