No star twinkles, no moon beams in the night of the soul. No melody plays in the vacuous halls but those ominous tune that rattles bones. Through a veil, eyes see flowers wilting and leaves falling, falling, falling. All that beauty gone gone to nothing. Nothing. There is nothing except the burden of minutes tickingContinue reading “DESPAIR”


How dark is the darkness that takes away sense and memories of light? How dark is the darkness that devours what was what is, what will be? How dark is the darkness that locks one in despair and throws out the key? How dark is the darkness that tricks the mind to see escape throughContinue reading “DARKNESS”

ANGUISH (a Quadrille)

You made yourself small invisible in the shadows you lived afraid to be seen or heard your tears rocked the walls of claustrophobic nights silent, they flowed like the ghost of your lost dreams you wished to hold again but not in this light. for: Dverse’s Quadrille #17: Shadow


November and falling leaves make me sad.  Somehow, they always make me think of endings, which I generally do not want, unless, of course, it is an ending to something unpleasant.  Last November, the general sadness was heightened by pregnancy hormones.  At that time, I felt I lost interest in everything as most of myContinue reading “DESPAIR”

IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)

Sunflowers do not grow here. No suncatchers store light for those starless nights. No laughter rings when darkness sets in No smile breaks through a heavy heart inside Despair’s maw. No ears can hear the voices calling the soul out of the wilderness. All is lost all seems lost. Keep on knocking though nobody seemsContinue reading “IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)”