Our yard was full of dandelions . The bees were in paradise – they buzzed from flower to flower and  savored  an endless sea of nectar. My feet adored the sunbeams shooting from the ground glowing golden under the setting sun. Laughter rent the air while children  puffed on the silken globes sending  clouds of gossamer sailing andContinue reading “A FIELD OF DANDELIONS”

SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)

dandelion sprays children picked for their mother beyond magical   I do not know what it is with dandelions, but my children just love them.  They pick up the blooms one by one and when their hands are full, they run screaming and proudly offer to me their bounty. 🙂  When that happens, I amContinue reading “SPRING CHILDREN (for Travel Theme: Youngsters)”


When the dandelion peeks from the rubble of winter we know that the long wait for spring draws near what privilege was bestowed on this humble flower to be the herald of spring, spring’s gatekeeper What wise Gardener to call the dandelions to cover the fields when the fields are their own and repair theContinue reading “DANDELIONS”