After a rainy spell, I stepped into the sunshine of a spring afternoon¬† to go to the blooming cherry tree near the city green which was about a mile away. I did not particularly relish walking on city roads, busy as they were even on a Sunday afternoon. Fear of getting run over by oncomingContinue reading “CHERRY BLOSSOMS”


Your silhouette mesmerizes me It goads me to hold your face to turn you toward the light How would you compare to the shadow that bewitched my mind? Should I live with your illusory beauty and find delight in my imaginings or should I risk the truth of revealing light?   Two weeks ago, IContinue reading “SILHOUETTE”


Two Sundays ago, my little son and I went for a walk to the city Green to watch the Christmas display. While admiring the gigantic Santa statue, two strangers approached us. The first man was somebody we met earlier on our way to the Green and who expressed pleasure at seeing us again. Meanwhile, IContinue reading “SANTA CLAUS OF THE STREETS”


Darkness cloaks October mornings even as birds serenade the sun Blades of grass shiver beneath fallen leaves yet glow in the splendor of their frosty crown. And I wish I sleep the sleep of a child peaceful and warm under layers of sheets But duty calls and so I must arise Rise I must whileContinue reading “OCTOBER MORNINGS”


For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. Mt. 25:29 Will the sun still be the sun if it stops shining? Will love be love if it remains hidden? What good is aContinue reading “RADIATE”


I used to be very scared of cemeteries. When I was much younger, I would shut my eyes tight whenever I passed by the cemetery in our village. Unlike American cemeteries where coffins are lowered about 6 feet under the ground, in traditional Philippine cemeteries like the one we had in our barrio, coffins areContinue reading “EERIE CEMETERY”


Raindrops hang from the boughs they sit on the grass twinkling like Christmas lights The dry spell is over Earth celebrates the bequest Fall received from Summer – Roses will yield parting flowers Leaves will burst in wild colors before the Wind hums its plaintive tune that will lull its world to blessed slumber. DailyContinue reading “SUMMER’S GIFT”


Do we even see the same person? You see someone beautiful I see one beyond her prime (who kind of looks like a crone). You get mad that I disagree How can you belie those many eyes who have judged her face her person to be less than perfect? She carried the sting of manyContinue reading “YOUR EYES”