A bowl of daffodils by the window Looking at the grey skies and falling snow convey my prayers for a cheerful day To frighten those sad winter ghosts away That my heart may sing hymns and praises Of the wonders that each season delivers. Another winter storm just blew over.  Today, we have sunny skiesContinue reading “WINTER OFFERING (A Quadrille)”


I will buy me some spring from the grocery store 3.99 for a small pot of bulbs of tulips or daffodils in various colors. Perhaps I will get pink or purple flowers or yellow, my favorite hue to brighten the dark kitchen corners. They will sit on the window sill be watchful sentries over theContinue reading “SPRING ON A WINDOW SILL”


Another daffodil, another spring. The world turns and turns again and again. What is new gets old; what was once old is new going round in circles- is that all we do? Day in and day out, we pursue a dream and once it was achieved, we start again. Can this world offer something thatContinue reading “ANOTHER DAFFODIL”