Upon the humble crocus
rests the mighty task
to proclaim the start of spring
as winter passed.
White Crocus

For WPC:  Beginning,  I am sharing a couple of pictures of crocuses that I took last spring.  Whenever I see Crocus leaves peeking out of the dirt,  I know that spring begins.

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The Crocus and the Bee

Well, hello there!
I’m glad to see again
your familiar face

gracing this place,
without life before you came,
smiling its welcome.

Purple Crocus1

I was afraid
to venture into the world
’til warm winds

with  breathy voice
carried the rush of water
washing snow away

Bee and Crocus2

revealing life beneath.
The time for hiding’s over.
Our work begins –

let’s bring color
and sweetness all around us
while time permits

Bee and Crocus

building happy memories
to carry a soul through
winter’s dark days.


It’s wonderful to see flowers in the ground once more.  Thank God for crocuses – they  shorten the wait for colors.

Just some crocus trivia –

Saffron is from a crocus species called Saffron Crocus.

According to Hellenic legend, Crocus (before he became a flower, obviously!) was a handsome young man who fell in love with the nymph Smilax.  At first, Smilax was thrilled by Crocus attention but soon tire of him.  Crocus, not getting the hint, continued his pursuit of the lady.  The lady got irritated (pardon me, this is my retelling 😉  and turned him into a flower – yes, the one we know today.  As in life, Crocus is still the rushing handsome thing in his flower form.  That’s why Crocus rushes to greet spring.

Well, some nicer versions of the story say that the Gods were so impressed by this ardent love that they turned Crocus to a flower to make him immortal.  Meanwhile, Smilax, heartbroken that Crocus became a plant, decided that she would be one too.  She became a yew.  Oh well.  Though I may have muddled the stories, I am not making them up.  😉

Here are some sources:  Crocus and Smilax; Legend of Crocus;  The Story of Saffron

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