I HAVE NO MOZARELLA (for DVerse Poets)

Eggplants, parmesan olive oil, bread crumbs they are all on hand also a quart of sauce marinara I guess I can make eggplant parmigiana but would provolone work instead of the required mozarella? A trip to the store is not an option No, not this late on a Friday afternoon I need to make dinnerContinue reading “I HAVE NO MOZARELLA (for DVerse Poets)”


When I read Jake’s theme for this week’s Sunday Post,  I immediately knew what I wanted to share.  For months now, I have been thinking of compiling in one place  the photos  of the birthday cakes that we have so far made for our children. Neither my husband nor I is a cake maker.  MyContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: DELICIOUS (Birthday Cakes)”


No, I am not dabbling with food and cooking.  I am not that ambitious yet.  I know I can soften food, very well, I say.  However, I do not think that that ability is good enough to pretend to be a food blogger. 😀  The only reason I posted a brownie is because Beth ofContinue reading “THE BEST BROWNIES. EVER!”