The Queen breathed life to morning the long night of waiting passed with the sky erupting in wonder when angels proclaimed the first Christmas Eyes beheld the King of kings an infant asleep on His straw bed Meek and humble as a lamb He came meek and humble, to the Tree, He was led whereContinue reading “WHEN MORNING CAME”


Soldier on, weary soul who knows what you’ll find around the bend – hope for broken hearts rest for your aching  limbs. Then walk on once more with new resolve until your exile is done and you are once again in your eternal home. ~~~~ One autumn day, I chanced upon our neighbors moving theContinue reading “WPC: UNEXPECTED”


Love is not for the faint of heart not for one scared to be a part of existence beyond one’s own self ruling as kings on their throne Lovers ought to know from the start love is not for the faint of heart not for the one afraid of pain and so shields his heartContinue reading “LOVE IS NOT”


Consider the leaf or the dandelion wisp floating in the air, dancing in the breeze after they let go of the shackles that anchored them to the earth Would that a soul detached from wordly cares soar to the heavens as if on angel wings free from the burden of life’s vanities it  finds itsContinue reading “CONSIDER THE LEAF”


Like light piercing the darkness or a flower that perfumes the air so is a soul that is pure  and fair. With His own breath, God raised man above the beasts and all created kind. With what beauty a soul was endowed no eye has seen, nor word’s described. But in the story of howContinue reading “MASTERPIECE”

ENIGMA for Poetics: Interactions

Man a frail creature of a few exalted years before he turns to dust though his will wishes otherwise. Yet, God is mindful of him the psalmist asked why and answered a little less than the angels he was made Bah! would the angels have wept at this comparison to man?! who time and againContinue reading “ENIGMA for Poetics: Interactions”


When the dust settles, you will see I am not the monster you painted me to be. When you cast me on the side of wrong “The Enemy!” had been your battlesong Your lyrics slandered my name Your voice throbbed with anger and disdain. When the dust settles, you will see this face you markedContinue reading “WHEN THE DUST SETTLES”