I look at you and I am filled with a longing to hold you as you were – the infant in my arms. it seems that the sun rose and the sun set overnight and here you are- an infant no more- discovering your world on your own. And I look at you I seeContinue reading “IF YOU ONLY STAY LITTLE”


He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap. How much fun they have growing upContinue reading “BOND OF BROTHERS (WPC: Depth)”


  One of the things I like best about spring is that it is much much easier to peel the children off their computer games and send them outdoors to play. Now that they are a little bigger, I do not have to constantly supervise them as they play in the backyard. I can watchContinue reading “WPC: ON THE MOVE”


Our sons have been asking for a pet dog for the longest time. Finally, after waiting some years (for them to grow up a little older) and fixes in our basement, my husband and children began the search for available dogs.  Our criteria was simple. Considering our family situation and our location, the dog shouldContinue reading “INTRODUCING THUNDER”


For most of these pictures, I tried to blur the foreground and focus on the scenes beyond .  I sat low on the grass and used that as screen for the objects farther away.  The blurring in the foreground would be the grass blades swaying in the wind. For more BACKGROUND responses, please visit DAILYContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BACKGROUND”


UNBOWED “Gather  quickly out of darkness all the songs you know and throw them at the sun” ~Bouquet by Langston Hughes Where have all the children gone? gone off to chase rainbows and dreams with sunshine and innocence to where nightmares grip the unwary one can only wish he could hold more than his breathContinue reading “FORM FOR ALL: THE GLOSA”

FATHER AND SONS – Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

 None of these pictures are new.  Over the years, I have collected photos of my husband working with our children.  Seeing him at work as a father has always fascinated me.  I meant to make a compilation of all these pictures, make a coherent presentation of them, but somehow, I never got the chance to.Continue reading “FATHER AND SONS – Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands”