Tiny singer, flit your wings; Bow before the King of kings Let your lovely concert rise To Him who gave you songs and skies. Let your throat, full of carols sweet, Pour them before the Eternal’s feet That we His praise may magnify Whom birds and angels glorify. I shall sing to Him who savedContinue reading “CANTICLE OF SAINT ROSE”


The King of Heaven disdained earthly comforts when He came on a bed of straw He laid and gave poverty a holy name. No liveried servant was at his birth Joseph and Mary gave Him warmth No purer hands could have served the King of kings upon this earth. No earthly bard announced His presenceContinue reading “WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN”


There may be no ornaments to deck the hall nor presents  under the tree Yet it will still be Christmas it is of things the eyes cannot see. The air may ring with laughter or hearts may overflow with tears Yet  Christmas is sure to dawn bringing hope to allay  the fears. The world mayContinue reading “CHRISTMAS IS COMING”


The innocent suffered that day when the gunman let out a spray of bullets on helpless children in their fear, to whom could they turn? Their little hearts could only pray the innocent suffered that day When Herod had all threats slain to save the earthly throne he claimed. Lamentations filled the air the LambContinue reading “THE INNOCENT SUFFERED THAT DAY”


Scented with incense wrapped in hymns filled with prayer on angel wings the soul contemplates heaven. ___________ Jake, really, truly!  Your challenges are getting harder by the week.  Concepts?  Can anything be harder than that?  When you threw in the word,  I could only think of an idea, something that is real but intangible.  So,Continue reading “SUNDAY POST: CONCEPT (PRAYER)”


The first Eve fell for the Serpent’s lies – the forbidden fruit would make her and Adam wise like their Creator who gave them Paradise but to sin and woe, it only opened their eyes. Innocence they’ve lost, they’re banished from Eden The guilt of Adam and Eve visited their children But God’s mercy wouldContinue reading “IMMACULATA”


For the great feast, Heaven prepares Rush of angel wings fill the air for God on High hallowed the earth with His only  Son’s humble birth to One immaculate and fair. Hope blossomed from out of despair mankind’s frailty He’ll repair He covered His creatures with Grace for the great feast. “What Grace?” Mankind hasContinue reading “FOR THE GREAT FEAST”


Oceans rise and fall upon her phases’ bidding Oh moon, spellbinding! Good morning to you all.  Ailsa’s prompt this week is MYSTICAL.  I immediately thought of the moon – it has inspired the horrible and the sublime;  fiction and fantasy; arts, poems and music.  It has inspired cults and worship. Who would not be enchantedContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: MYSTICAL”