CATERPILLAR (Tanka for WPC: Waiting)

Waiting for how long a caterpillar endures darkness of cocoon holding on to the promise imprinted in its essence Magic in due time rewards the patient labor Metamorphosis reveals the inner grandeur honoring humility WPC:  Waiting  


Caterpillar prowls the fruit laden blueberries a destructive threat to dreams of cobblers and pies Should I kill the butterfly? ~~~~ Linking with DAILY PROMPT:  ORIGIN STORY/BEGINNINGS and WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE:  FORESHADOW.   Happy Friday to you all and thank you for coming by. 🙂


Once upon an afternoon, in the land of shimmering leaves – and delicate yellow weeds flowers – little caterpillar Munchy napped on his little leaf bed, dreaming caterpillar dreams. He was in fact dreaming that he was munching his own little bed when suddenly, he heard a voice. “Wake up! Wake up, Munchy!” “Ow.  Can’tContinue reading “ONCE IN A BUG-GY DREAM”